The company was established in 2007, is specialized in the iron and steel, airport, food industry import and export trade, logistics equipment, mining bulk transport project construction international general contractor. The company is committed to providing customers with one-stop comprehensive services, overseas branch offices and offices. Steel mills for all countries, the airport, food processing plants to provide raw materials, production equipment spare parts, the EPC project design, technical upgrade and after-sale protection, such as one-stop solution, so far, the company with more than 70 countries and regions of the world keep long-term business relations, reception, visits and participation more than 40 times a year, liao addition to a person with “humility and gratitude, passion, dreams”, we cordially invite you together with us

At melting shop, LMM GROUP supply total solution for linning of EAF/BOF/ladle, tundish etc. from raw material selection, refractory portofio & optimization, installation & services & recycle of used refractories on site to further reduce client’s Opex & Capex in refractory consumption per ton steel output, meanwhile improve product quality of client.

LMM GROUP is a world leader in graphite material science with many years of experience. Our company strictly manages our manufacturing processes with ISO 9001:2008 quality system and Graphite electrode ISO-system, utilizes ERP system to ensure our products are delivered on time to the right customers with lowered inventories to gain competitive advantages. Our main laboratory is recognized as national registered laboratory which identifies the quality of the carbon products.

LMM GROUP is capable of supply one-stop solution from design, production, installation & commissioning for all kinds of continuous casting machine. Meanwhile, high quality, reliable copper mould for billet, bloom, slab casters, dammy bar, nozzle, mould assembly keep client’s Opex low.

Commitment to supply world-class high quality Tungstern Carbide Rolling ring with over 20 years experience in the production with vertical integration of Powder R & D, Powder extraction, Production, Machining etc., meanwhile combining various forged & casting rolls, MECC is a reliable one-stop solution provider for client in roll mill in both equipment & spare parts ends.

In Rolling Mill, innovative product LMM [email protected] along with bundling machine, billet tracing system maximize cost reduction for steel mill in Capex & Opex, and reduce labor intensity, improve total efficiency of the rolling mill. One-stop solution in rolling mill also embody LMM GROUP’s philosophy of “people first”, LMM B-counter automatically counts and separate steel bar ranging from 6mm-50mm diameter.

Company products covered from airport baggage handling system to airport ground support equipment.
In order to increase our design ability, We invested Shanghai Eastern Aviation Equipment Manufacturing Co. ,Ltd and at the same time, set up our own engineering team. Now we could supply technology improvement and design service to Airport.